a person sitting at a desk with an easy read document open on their computer. They're wearing headphones and surrounded by pictures, a house plant, books, etc.

Our translation service takes information in standard English and creates fully formatted Easy Read documents, including text and images, for you to distribute to your audience.

How it works

1: Get in touch

Get in touch with us as soon as you can and we will discuss the details of your translation and provide initial advice. For government agencies this is done through the Alternate Formats group.

2: Advice and estimate

We provide advice on the best approach to your translation, along with a written estimate of the cost and timeframes.

3. Work allocated to a translator

Once you have accepted our estimate and timeframes have been agreed to, your document will be allocated to an Easy Read translator.

4: Review

The draft translation is peer reviewed by a senior translator and the Make it Easy manager. We will then email you the translation, which is your opportunity to review and check our interpretation of your information.

5: Final product

Any amendments are made and we send you your final document in both Microsoft Word (.docx) and Adobe PDF (.pdf) formats. Please provide us with links once the documents are on your website so we can help share the information.

Our team

Make it Easy translators are a skilled and experienced group who work on translating and reviewing documents in line with Easy Read standards.

Our team have diverse backgrounds including writing and editing, disability support, teaching, other accessible formats, and more. All translators receive specific training, then engage in ongoing training and upskilling in the form of peer reviews and feedback.

As a team we are always upskilling and reviewing our work, and encourage client feedback. We also work with People First New Zealand members to review selected documents to make sure they are targeted correctly.

Two people sitting at a table looking at an Easy Read document.
People First members Chelsea and Jason taking a look at a new Easy Read document. People First members give us valuable feedback about our work, meaning we can ensure it meets the needs of people with learning disability.